The two words “Carpe Viam!” say a lot. Literally, Carpe Viam means “seize the road”. So for a car guy, it might mean:

“Enjoy the exhaust note as you grip the wheel and blast through that curvy canyon.”

Carpe Viam™ was born out of my automotive passion and my desire to bring higher quality, more authentic automotive books to kids and their grown-ups. It started with the creation of The Little Little Red Racing Car – the The Greatest Race with Sir Stirling Moss –and has matured into the creation of an ever-growing line of automotive gear for car-loving families.


In just three years, Carpe Viam has gone from a name scribbled on a sheet of paper, to a publisher with numerous awards, international contracts, multiple translations, and international retail reach to more than 120 countries through one of the top distributors in the world.

Carpe Viam! is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.