The two words “Carpe Viam!” say a lot. Literally, Carpe Viam means “seize the road”. So for a car guy, it’s basically…

“Enjoy the exhaust note as you grip that wooden wheel and blast through a curvy canyon.”

But it can also mean “enjoy the path you’re on,” which is something I try to do every day as I build this brand.

Carpe Viam Productions LLC (known simply as Carpe Viam), was born out of my automotive passion and my desire to bring higher quality, more authentic automotive books to kids and their grown-ups. It started with the creation of The Little Little Red Racing Car, and has grown into the creation of an ever-growing line of automotive gear for car-loving families.


In just three years, Carpe Viam has gone from a name scribbled on a sheet of paper, to a publisher with numerous awards, international contracts, multiple translations, and international retail reach to more than 120 countries through one of the top distributors in the world.

Carpe Viam! is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.