Upcoming Projects



I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2018. A book tour for The Small Silver Speedster. Carpe Viam’s first appearance at Rennsport Reunion. A board book for the tiniest gear heads. A sports car racing board game. A vintage sports & racing car coloring book. The next big step in the Carpe Gear apparel business. 2018 is going to be an eventful year.

2019 and beyond

In the early years of racing, countries were identified by colors. On the track, even if all you saw was a blur, you could identify the origin. Silver cars were from Germany, blue cars were from France, red cars were from Italy, and green cars were from Britain. From the moment that I decided to write The Little Red Racing Car, I knew that I was writing a series – a book for each of these great automotive-producing countries. Since the moment I began, I have had these cars selected, the Porsche Speedster, the Bugatti Type 37, the Jaguar D-type, the LeMans winning Ford GT… So there are numerous books yet to come, including an American Hot Rod story, a Volkswagen story, as well as other non-fiction stories of legends like that of Sir Stirling Moss in The Greatest Race.


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