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“an adult reader will find it equally satisfying

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“the Kid’s Book Car Guys Always Wanted”

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“…honed to near perfection”


Listen to the Interview on Cars Yeah

“…a wonderful book

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“a sneak preview of The Greatest Race”

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“…we were universally delighted”


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“…depth and heart far beyond what most deliver.”


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A “delightful yarn”

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“…a beautiful and lauded children’s book.”

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“…easily the best-researched children’s book of all time.”

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“just as good as its back story”

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Read The Phoenix Business Journal Article

“…passion for accuracy.”


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“…it will take everyone back to when they first felt that fire inside.”


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“The Little Red Racing Car is the best kids’ car book ever.”


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“…attention to detail, historical accuracy, striking illustrations and emotional pull.”


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“…A worthy plan… that would pay dividends in fostering the car culture bug…”


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“…Universally inspirational.”


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“…Fastidiously researched…”


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“…Such a stylish piece of work.”


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“All the emotional buttons get pushed here…”


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“…The car guy instruction manual you need for your little one.”


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The Little Red Racing Car Interview


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“…The result of Knowlton’s work is absolutely charming.”


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Interview “the Little Red Racing Car: An Evolving Children’s Book by Dwight Knowlton


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