Logo Design

Award-winning Carpe Viam™ logos have been featured in top publications worldwide,

 including multiple inclusions in LogoLounge, the gold standard of international identity design. Creative Director Dwight Knowlton has branded campaigns for Intel, NBC Sports, Marriott Hotel Restaurants, and countless small to medium sized businesses and events of all kinds.

Over two decades of highest quality logo design, Dwight has refined a process that works through sketch concepts, refined drafts, and finish quality execution – fitting the highest amount of exploration and customization into a painless process guaranteed to exquisitely communicate your unique business or offering.

Every Carpe Viam™ Logo begins with an intense ideation and sketch process.

Carpe Viam Logo Sketches for the Valkyrie Racing World Rally Tour

Initial Concept Sketches for World Rally Tour

Final Carpe Viam Logo Designs for Valkyrie Racing's World Rally Tour

Final World Rally Tour Logo Design for Multiple Applications

Final Carpe Viam World Rally Tour Logo Design on Porsche 356 Racing Car Hood

Final WRT Logo Hand-Painted on Hood. Photo Courtesy of Valkyrie Racing.

Final Carpe Viam Logo Design in use on the Valkyrie Racing Porsche 356

Final World Rally Tour Logo Design in Use on the Class Winning Car of the La Carrera Panamericana 2017 – Photo Courtesy of Valkyrie Racing

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Original Carpe Viam Logo Designs for HSP, Tenace Audio, and Ansite Porsche Service


Original Carpe Viam design of the Valkyrie Racing "Valkysus"

The Valkyrie Racing “Valkysus” inspired by the Mobil Pegasus.


Custom Logo Design by Carpe Viam

Collected Carpe VIam Logo Designs

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Launch well, or revitalize  your brand.

Collected Carpe Viam Logo Designs

More Carpe Viam Original Logos