The Little Red Racing Car


The Little Red Racing Car is a Father/Son/Car story…

It’s the award winning story of a 1955 Maserati once racing great races, then left to decay in an old barn. It’s a story of a boy finding a car, restoring it with his dad, and an amazing discovery along the way. This book is full to the brim with the best things in life: Family, History, Racing Cars, Hard Work… and a Dream Realized.

Made with Pride in the USA | 9″ x 12″  48 pages


” The Best Kids’ Car Book Ever”



2014 American Graphic Design Award Winner

Preview Pages


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“I love it”

– Jean Jennings, President & Editor in Chief: Automobile Magazine

“The definitive father & son children’s book”

– Jamie Doyle, Founder & Publisher: Sports Car Digest

“Redefined the kid’s car genre”

– European Car Magazine

“A beautiful and lauded children’s book”

– Design.Org

“Depth and heart far beyond what most deliver”

– Hagerty Classic Cars Magazine

“I nearly forgot it was a children’s book”

– Ezekiel Wheeler, Editor: Automotive Styles


– Sir Stirling Moss