The Greatest Race featured in European Car Magazine

A friend of Carpe Viam wrote the other day to point out that The Greatest Race was selected for European Car Magazine’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide! As I concentrate on creating now more than consuming I’ve let my subscription lapse – so had to run to Barnes and Noble and pick up a couple copies. Thanks […]
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Update: The Small Silver Speedster

I continue to work furiously on The Small Silver Speedster. One week ago, I was very close to done. I am less close now. Having had a couple people I trust read the book – including my editor – they both felt I was trying to fit too much in. And so I’ve tossed a few […]
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The Official Lime Rock Historic Festival Giclee Print by Dwight Knowlton

I was surprised (and quite frankly, flattered) to hear from a few of you that you were disappointed that there was not an art print of my work for the Lime Rock Historic Festival, similar to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Lithograph. So, here it is. A limited run of 50 signed Giclee prints, stripped of the […]
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The Greatest Race awarded an American Graphic Design Award

I am very happy to share that The Greatest Race has been awarded a 2016 American Graphic Design Award. That means I’m two for two, with The Little Red Racing Car being awarded one in 2014. And not only was The Greatest Race awarded – it was juried in the top 15% of winners of more than 10,000 entries. So that’s pretty […]
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Official 2016 Lime Rock Historic Festival Poster Artist

Lime Rock Park is a very special place. It’s an enduring icon of the important tracks of American sports car racing. And of course, it’s where I first met Sir Stirling Moss – and sat with him signing my first book The Little Red Racing Car… So I was deeply honored this year when I […]
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