Dwight Knowlton and The Little Red Racing Car

The Creative Director

about-latest1I’m a dad, husband, and passionate car guy. Eight months of the year, I drive with the top down. I live in sunny Phoenix, AZ with my wife, son, and little girl. We share the house with our dog Tess and an occasional scorpion. I’ve been a Designer and Design Director for two decades. I’ve worked on numerous campaigns and environments for the Fortune 500, for brands like Intel®, NBC Sports, Safeway, Marriott Hotels, and more.



How it began

about-pointingWhen my son was born, I went looking for a father, son, car book for the two of us to enjoy – a book that could help me introduce him to the love of cars. Not only did I not find the perfect book, I couldn’t find ANYTHING. So I decided to create one. The Little Red Racing Car is a gift for my son – and for everyone that loves cars, family, and vintage artistic style. This book mixes some of the best things in life: family, discovery, sports cars, working with one’s hands, and a dream realized. While the look has evolved throughout the process, it’s inspired by vintage transportation art and features one of the greatest sports-racing cars of the 1950’s, the Maserati 300S – a favorite of legendary racing driver Sir Stirling Moss.


Sir Stirling Moss

about-stirling-2bI first learned of Sir Stirling Moss when I was about 8 years old, in a book my grandfather gave me. Over the years, my appreciation for him has grown, learning not just of his skill behind the wheel, but that he is a man of integrity, a gentleman. Early in the project, I wrote Sir Stirling a letter and told him of my respect for him. I shared my plans to feature the Maserati 300S in The Little Red Racing Car, and that I would very much like to pay homage to him – even though I knew that the use of his name was highly unlikely. To my amazement, I received a personal letter in reply, kindly, even enthusiastically, offering me the use of his name in the story. He has since offered very high praise for the book, calling it “Lovely” and “Delightful”. I was – and continue to be – astounded by his kindness and know beyond shadow of doubt that The Little Red Racing Car is better because of it.



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