Competition Motors – Hollywood: Part 2

Key to any good design for Competition Motors would be one of von Neuman’s Porsches.

In this case, I’ve selected his immediately identifiable #11 Porsche 550 Spyder. “Johnny” as he was called, was CONSTANTLY exploring for performance and aerodynamic gains. In a look through his catalog of cars, you’ll see custom intakes, taped over gaps, and various other experimentation. This 550 is aggressively unique with it’s wide mouthed cooling intakes for the front brakes.



The bottom photo is the perfect visual reference for this fabulous car.

So I have illustrated it in pure 1950’s two-tone, line-art fashion.


File Nov 14, 2 47 48 PM


One step closer to the first of three planned Competition Motors designs!

See the completed design >>

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