The American Bugatti Club Poster

Transportation posters and advertising are an art form for which I’ve always had a deep appreciation.  So I’m always honored when commissioned to create one – especially when representing a marque as iconic as Bugatti.

I was recently commissioned by The American Bugatti Club with the creation of an event poster for an upcoming rally. As I always do, I began with a significant amount of visual research, and created six tight concept sketches.

Dwight Knowlton / Carpe Viam / Bugatti Poster Concept Sketches

While I worked in what has become known as my signature style, I challenged myself to evolve the details representing speed and motion. So I further studied the work of Geo Ham, a transportation art hero of mine, in particular his representation of moving wheels and leaving of the wheels and tires incomplete – but in a very refined and polished way.


Carpe Viam Bugatti Poster: Detail One


Carpe Viam Bugatti Poster: Detail Two


The final poster design evolved to the combination of sketches 1 and 5. With the banner and text treatment of sketch 1 positioned at the top of the art from sketch 5. After exploring and reworking the wheel and tire treatments several times and creating further illusion of speed through the elongated shadows – the art was complete.


Final American Bugatti Club poster illustration and design by Dwight Knowlton / Carpe Viam

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